These Prank Videos Prove That Human Nature Is Inherently Terrible

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There are debates about the basic nature of humanity that have been raging for millennia. Are we decent? Are we nasty and brutish? These ontological questions can never be settled — unless you have hidden cameras and access to Youtube, that is. Then those questions can be settled easily, with video pranks. And the answers... are depressing.

See for yourselves, with our collection of prank videos that cast the most gloomy light onto human nature.

We all say “Don’t talk to strangers” to our kids, but what if somebody invites them to go on a walk with a cute puppy?

Would you recognize a missing child in a park?

Would you react differently to a black man breaking into a car than a white one?

Two guys order a taxi (one by one) and after a few minutes they asked to be let off at a bridge, because they want to jump.

Walking in NYC in a stereotypically gay outfit for 3 hours

What would you do if a boy comes to you and tells that he was kidnapped?

Would you help a freezing homeless child?

Would you pick up some keys if they were accidentally dropped by a man on crutches?

Would you give a kid a light?

Would you interfere with domestic abuse in public?

10 hours of harassment in New York

Would you notice your own family members if they were homeless?

What would you do if you see a girl abused in an elevator next to you?, an experiment in Sweden

Would you return a dropped wallet?

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I hate these. I also hate practical jokes, April Fool’s pranks, etc. I think they are generally just hostile and I cannot understand why people think it’s funny to see other people feeling foolish.