These Power Rangers Clothes Up For Auction Are Morphinominal

Go, go, power auction.
Go, go, power auction.
Illustration: Saban
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When it’s not morphin’ time, it’s color coordination time—and now some of the most color-coordinated superhero clothes in TV history are up for auction.

Over at the Prop Store, the TV Treasures Live Auction is happening, featuring a bevy of weird old TV clothing up for sale. The highlights of the lot are clothes from the early seasons of Power Rangers, when the original cast chilled at the Juice Bar, fought monsters, and, uh, chilled at the Juice Bar again. The show didn’t have many sets. And Ryu was nowhere to be found.

The best of the lot are a striped shirt belonging to the Black Ranger, Zack (Walter Jones), and a sleeveless hoodie (for what weather?) worn by Jason (Austin St. John), one of the most iconically silly and appropriate shirts in *Power Rangers* history.


Both shirts start for bidding at $300, which is, honestly, pretty fair. I’d look great in that sleeveless hoodie. And my birthday’s coming up. Just saying.

Also, you can buy a bunch of kitchen items from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. That’s pretty rad.

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