These Posters for Indie Horror Film The Void Are Video Store-Ready, If That Was Still a Thing

A poster for The Void. Image: Gravillis Inc.

The indie horror film The Void opens on demand and in limited release today. To celebrate, three new posters have been released. Evocative, creepy posters that would have fit in perfectly at a video store in the 1980s or 1990s.

Designed by Gravillis Inc, we’re excited to exclusively debut these posters for The Void.


Can’t you just picture seeing these on a shelf next to Hellraiser, The Fog, Legend, and A Nightmare on Elm Street? It’s perfect.


The Void is a creepy little film about a bunch of people who get stuck in a hospital and realize it’s not what they think. It’s very, very heavily influenced by some of the more trippy, weird horror films released in the heyday of video stores and VCRs, and while the movie is far from perfect, it’s a solid watch if you’re looking for something gross, scary, and fun.

You can read more about the film in our articles below and find out how to watch the film here.


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