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These pictures of the "Necochea Beach Humanoid" will creep you out

Illustration for article titled These pictures of the Necochea Beach Humanoid will creep you out

This eerie humanoid figure has shown up in two different photos taken near large bodies of water in Argentina. Dubbed the Neocochea Beach Humanoid, this creature appears to float above the ground, towering over the other people in the image.


Here's the latest photo, un-enhanced, taken on a Neocochea beach in late November:

Illustration for article titled These pictures of the Necochea Beach Humanoid will creep you out

Over at Inexplicata, we learn that the photo was one of a series showing the sunset at the beach — but when the photographer uploaded them to his computer he noticed that only one of the pictures "showed a strange humanoid figure, very tall, that wasn't noticed by anyone." UFOlogist and paranormal researcher Luis Burgos, at the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO), analyzed the photo and believes it is "not a fraud."

Illustration for article titled These pictures of the Necochea Beach Humanoid will creep you out

Apparently the Neochea region is known for UFO sightings, but also, this humanoid has been seen elsewhere in Argentina, also investigated by Burgos:

According to his story, on 14 March 2010, Easter Week, Ivan D, decided to spend the holiday with his family at Laguna del Monte . . . Once by the lakeside, he began taking photos with his digital camera. He took several family and landscape shots between 14 and 16 hours that afternoon.

Hours later, Ivan.D ….checked the material for that day on his computer, the photo taken of his 8 year old son at 15:56 hours. The boy does not appear in the photo as he quickly darted behind a tree. But he was perplexed: a strange, enigmatic SILHOUETTE, not someone with human features, "appeared" at the edge of the lagoon, at a regular distance from the family group and to the left of the photo. He immediately drew his own conclusions, certain that it wasn't a regular person… from the multiple photos taken that afternoon, this one was the only one containing the strange figure, following a review of the material."

In both cases (Necochea, 2013 and Laguna del Monte, 2010) the similarity between them is repeated. The strange humanoid figure was only seen after the images were dumped into the computer. In both cases, they are anthropomorphic and tall. Analyses showed that there was no fraud involved and that the image in each incident is real. There it is. From all the photos taken that day, this strange figure appears in only one of them.


So there you have it. Apparently, there are very tall humanoids hanging around in Argentina, who show up only on pictures that you've uploaded to your computer. Also, they like water. Whether you believe that or not, the picture itself is pretty scary. I eagerly await the movie version of the Beach Humanoid.

Read more via Inexplicata


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Based on the height of the horizon line as it passes through the group of people in the background. It looks like someone took a picture from a low height with a person standing in front of the sun. He could easily have not seen the person standing there, or thought the pictures were cool regardless.