All images: Mirko Nahmijas

Commercial photographer Mirko Nahmijas has been taking photos of the mid-20th century Brutalist architecture in Belgrade, Serbia. And these buildings look like long-abandoned crashed spaceships or relics from a forgotten future.

On the “Minimal Belgrade” website, Nahmijas explains what’s so striking about these buildings: “Often called Socialist Modernism, Soc-realism, Brutalism, Architecture of forced standard, etc., the main characteristic of all these astonishing edifices is that they will always look not just futuristic, but as though they were taken from the future and brought to us. The images are both minimalistic and complex.”


Nahjimas is selling “display-ready” aluminum-printed copies of his photos, which are “practically time-proof.” Check out some of our favorite images below, and see tons more at his site.