In the last days of the USSR, the nation was changing incredibly fast. People were starving, but they were also joyfully rebelling against their crumbling government. Communism was slowly eroding into nationalism. These moving photographs capture the moments heralded the end of the Soviet Union.

The first McDonald's restaurant in the Soviet Union, Pushkin Square, Moscow, Jan 31 1990

Hundreds of people line up around the restaurant on its opening day – pictured above.


(AP/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

Citizens buy cups during the economic blockade of Lithuania by the USSR, Vilnius, 27 April 1990

(via om911)

No food for Moscow, 1990-1991


Photos are made by Peter Turnley, one of the best photojournalists ever.

(via batona and yablor)

Last milk, Dec 14 1990, Moscow


A woman reaches for the last milk available in a state store in central Moscow

(AP/Martin Cleaver)

Waiting for bread, Moscow, 11 June 1991


Muscovites are waiting in line for bread outside a state-owned bakery.

(AP/Tatiana Makeyeva)

Rise of prostitution, 1991


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Fight of a soldier and a protester in Moscow, 19 Aug 1991


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The end of the Lenin statue in Vilnius, Lithuania, 23 Aug 1991


AP/Alik Keplicz

The flag of the Soviet Union and the flag of the Russian Republic fly side by side over the Kremlin in Moscow, 21 Dec 1991


The Soviet flag came down on New Years Eve, and never to fly over again.

(AP/Alex Zemlianichenko)

A woman and her bag on a Soviet hammer-and-sickle, 25 Dec 1991


(via News In Photo)

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