These Paper Sculptures Are Out of This World

This is paper, if you can believe it.
This is paper, if you can believe it.
Photo: Cory Collins

For most people, the extent of our knowledge of paper art ends with drawing-on-some... or, maybe, origami. But there’s more. A lot more. And you can see paper at its most fantastic in the work of artist Cory Collins.


Collins makes scifi and horror monsters out of cardstock paper, paint, and glue. That may sound like an elaborate kindergarten project—but trust us, it’s far from that. Here are a few examples.


So how does Collins make these? It’s actually fascinating.

“I create the basic designs in 3D software, then unfold pieces with unfolding software,” he wrote in an email to io9. “I then plot the sculpture’s pieces out on a home-made pen plotter.”

Yes, he made his own printer.

“I used to make paper models drawing all the parts out by hand on the paper,” he continued. “[But] I felt a little tinge of guilt about designing them digitally, so I reasoned that if I made the actual printer myself, it would make me feel less guilty about moving onto digital technology.”


Here’s a video of the pen-plotter printer.

For more images of all of these sculptures, as well as other work by Collins, visit the below link.


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