These North Korean Propaganda Videos Are Downright Fascinating

Naturally, we can’t trust propaganda videos to give us a sense of life inside another country — especially when that country is North Korea. But what these videos do show us is what the North Korean government wants to communicate to its citizens — about everything from its military prowess to shopping.

Shopping is easy and fun

The Air Force with numerous MiGs and Sukhois, plus some China-made fighter and strike aircrafts (Chengdu, Shenyang and Nanchang models), most of them built between the 1960s and 1980s.

The predicted 3-Day War, where North Korea occupies Seoul, and beat the South Korean and American troops

A Pyeonghwa car commercial from the late 2000s. The company produced less than 1000 cars since 1999, and they are the only company in North Korea to adverise.

Firestorms Will Rain on the Headquarters of War, where North Koreans tell that “there is no limit to the range of our strategic rockets” and contains an animated footage of the dome of the US Capitol building exploding

A young boy fell asleep over his math lesson, and dreams about a war against US warships using pencil rockets

Time Bomb, a cartoon from 1967, where a young boy saves a girl (and his homeland) from American soldiers with time bombs

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The 3-day war film was quite interesting. In it, they make the same mistake the Nazis did in their propaganda—they tell their soldiers the enemy is no threat, cannot stand against them, will fall and run (in the Nazi’s case, they showed Americans as clowns).

While they think this boosts morale and makes their troops certain they will win, it actually has a secondary effect: when the enemy does NOT panic, does not run, but instead fights fiercely, it can be quite demoralizing to realize you might not be prepared. Still, NK has one stated goal for which they’ve been preparing since the 1950s— “reunification” of Korea. Translation: conquest and complete domination over their southern cousins. They could win this time, just not as easily as they think. Unless they do it soon. The current U.S. president is unlikely to expend much effort to help Korea.