These New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Posters Are The Ultimate Nostalgia Play

Han, Leia, Luke! Practical effects! X-Wings and TIE Fighters! All that classic music! Empires and Rebels! A lot of the impetus of The Force Awakens’s marketing has been the emphasis on nostalgia for the three movies of the original trilogy. Now there are three new amazing retro posters to add to that nostalgia.


Revealed by IGN earlier today, the three posters are all homages to the pre-released material from 1977 to anticipate the original release of Star Wars: the “Coming To Your Galaxy This Summer” teaser poster, the “Far, Far Away” B poster, and a rarer street poster that had the tagline “An Entertainment Odyssey to the Edge of Your Imagination, and Beyond.”


It’s a wonderful touch, especially if we end up with the temporal dissonance of seeing these posters in theatres over the next month. I guess it really is true for Star Wars that everything old is new again—right down to the posters!

[via IGN]


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