These New Discovery Prints Capture The Grandeur of Star Trek's Best Self

All Illustrations by Cliff Cramp, via Bye Bye Robot
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The first season of Star Trek: Discovery, whether you loved it or hated it, added new imagery to the visual language of the series: a new ship, new uniforms, and even new glimpses of old favorites.

In a series of limited edition prints, by artist Cliff Cramp in collaboration with website Bye Bye Robot, these images are immortalized and made larger than life. With a vibrant, cosmic color palette and striking imagery, Cramp makes Discovery’s imagery an articulation of the best that Star Trek has to offer. It’s hopeful, exploratory, optimistic.


The three prints, titled “USS Discovery”, “USS Shenzhou,” and “Hope”, each feature a ship, with “Hope” featuring both the Discovery and Burnham. All three, in addition to being striking, are also limited edition, with only 40 available of each. Each print will be hand numbered and printed on heavy weight 1opt cardstock on 18" by 24" sizing.

Bye Bye Robot’s prints are generally excellent, but these go a bit beyond the norm. Check them out if you’re looking for some new Trek art to hang on your wall.


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