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These Multidirectional, Cable-Free Elevators Could Be Ready By 2016

Elevator technology hasn't really improved much since its first appearance over 160 years ago. Enter ThyssenKrupp's MULTI — an advanced elevator system that's poised to radically transform the way we get around buildings.


The system works by replacing vertical lift cables with linear motors in each elevator cabin. European tech giant ThyssenKrupp says the system will increase transport capacities and efficiency, while dramatically lowering the "elevator footprint" (by as much as 50%) and peak loads from a building's power supply.

What's more, the system could also be adapted to transport people along the horizontal axis as well. This will undoubtedly present exciting opportunities for how buildings are designed and constructed in the future as skyscrapers won't be constrained by the height or vertical alignment of elevator shafts.

Illustration for article titled These Multidirectional, Cable-Free Elevators Could Be Ready By 2016

ThyssenKrupp's MULTI consists of various cabs per shaft and enables vertical and horizontal movement. Source: ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG.

[ Thyssen Krupp via Next Big Future]

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