That these movies — featuring Oscar the Grouch taking the Hulk as a mentor, Gene Kelley fighting the matrix with dance, and Indiana Jones taking a Ferris Bueller style day off — don't really exist is a box office travesty. Fortunately, we still have the posters.

Today, we asked you to mock up posters and stills from the movie mashups you wanted to see. Here's just a few of our favorites, sadly not coming to a theater near you (or anyone) ever.


Top image: Oscar & Hulk Starlifter once lifted stars Lower images, in order: Star Who Oran J Sands III; Singing in the Matrix Adam Tyler; Indiana Jones's Day Off downtowndetroit; March of Madness Hands of Orlok; Captain Skywalker Timbales; Crybaby + Transcendence downtowndetroit; Games of Pompeii I'm Bateman!!!!; Marley & Meep Smallbrainfield; and finally, Matrix Twister Wrathtoise