These metallic dresses were created with iron filings and magnets

This dress looks like an alien exoskeleton — but it was actually "grown" using mega-magnets, out of iron filings and a special resin. Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen created this magnetic dress in collaboration with product designer Jólan van der Wiel for Van Herpen's 2013 fall/winter couture collection.

As Wired Design explains:

The van Herpen dresses use a mixture of iron fillings and resin that can be pulled and manipulated with a magnet to create textures, kind of like a 21st century, high-fashion Wooly Willy. The Dutch designer experimented with various blends, trying to land on a magnetic recipe that would be as flexible and cloth-like as possible. From there, van der Wiel and van Herpen applied the composite mixture to van Herpen’s cloth base designs, pulling and stretching the metallic material so it produced spiky, textured patterns.


Check out a couple more images below, and more over at Wired Design:


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