We try to be as accepting of weird bugs and their freaky body parts as possible around here, but a newly published study features pictures so vile, even people whose jobs revolve around insects think they're gross. So, naturally, we're going to show them to you.

We were tipped off to these images by a curator at a model organism database, who writes:

I just found the paper that exceeds my ability to look at arthopod parts... 3 out of 4 curators agree that Figures 2-3 are flat-out skin-crawl inducing. (I didn't show Fig 3-6 to my office-mates; curator #4 isn't in today, so I don't know if he would also be disgusted).

Here are the figures in question, from the paper "Homology of the Lateral Eyes of Scorpiones: A Six-Ocellus Model" – we'll let you be the judge as to why these images are so hard to look at, and whether figures 3–6 are truly as revolting as the rest. Click to enlarge – IF YOU DARE:

Figure 2


Figure 3

Figure 4


Figure 5

Figure 6