These Light Painting Videos Look Like Classic Video Games On Speed

We've seen some amazing light paintings that make the real world look magical and surreal. But what's even cooler than a static light painting? A whole video, where beings made of pure light burst into existence and run around. Here are the most eye-popping and dazzling light-painting videos on the internet.


A music video for Lucky by All India Radio, created by Dee Pee Studios

Lightspeed and Light Goes On, by Darren Pearson

A Lichtfaktor-made video for the 100-year-old SV Group

Cocktails, a promotion for the Ford Kuga

Another light painting by Lichtfaktor

A promotion for the Daewoo Alpheon

Light Warfare

The demo video of PixelStick, the tool that could make anyone into a light painting artist:

Face Your Fears, by Lichtfaktor

The Lightpaint Piano Player in San Diego

Rippled, a music video by Oh Yeah Wow for All India's The Silent Surf


A video made for Sao Paulo Fashion Week 2009


Talk Talk Brighter, a commercial made by Lichtfaktor

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