We've seen some amazing light paintings that make the real world look magical and surreal. But what's even cooler than a static light painting? A whole video, where beings made of pure light burst into existence and run around. Here are the most eye-popping and dazzling light-painting videos on the internet.


A music video for Lucky by All India Radio, created by Dee Pee Studios

Lightspeed and Light Goes On, by Darren Pearson

A Lichtfaktor-made video for the 100-year-old SV Group

Cocktails, a promotion for the Ford Kuga

Another light painting by Lichtfaktor

A promotion for the Daewoo Alpheon

Light Warfare

The demo video of PixelStick, the tool that could make anyone into a light painting artist:


Face Your Fears, by Lichtfaktor

The Lightpaint Piano Player in San Diego

Rippled, a music video by Oh Yeah Wow for All India's The Silent Surf

A video made for Sao Paulo Fashion Week 2009


Talk Talk Brighter, a commercial made by Lichtfaktor

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