These Librarian Reviews Of Children's Books Are Awesome

Amid the many hidden treasures in the New York Public Library is a huge collection of hand-typed reviews of children's books. Librarians wrote the reviews to assess the quality of the book collection—and, since they were exclusively for internal use, their opinions were brutally candid.

As Jenni Avins at Quartz reports, one of the staffers at the New York Public Library has begun sharing these reviews on Instagram (@NYPL). Here are some of the best offerings:

Green Eggs and Ham ("Book is typical of Seuss' 'late period'...Not recommended")


Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh (It's not "dangerous," it's "adventurous")

Juassic Park ("Safety precautions fail, the animals escape, and the main characters escape one trap after another.")


Fast Times At Ridgemont High ("Be sure to read the chapter about the three girls and the banana.")


The Grox and Eugene (What's so confusing about Groxes in boxes?)


[H/T Quartz]

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