You may not believe it, but Jon Favreau’s remake of The Jungle Book is pretty good. We’ll have a full review and more next week—but first, to celebrate the film’s release, an online group called the Poster Posse was tasked by Disney to make some posters for the movie. And they crushed it.

There’s a great, great range of styles and interpretations here. Some of the art is bright and vibrant, other works are dark and foreboding. Together, these officially licensed posters paint a fairly accurate interpretation of the film, which opens April 15.

by Tracie Ching
by John Aslarona
by Mike Mahle
by Stephen Sampson
by Rich Davies
by Kaz Oomori
by Mike Mahle
by Andy Fairhurst
by Vincent Aseo
by Tom Miatke
by Chris Malbon

[Poster Posse]