These Interactive Billboards React To The World Around Them

For some advertisers, it’s not enough that ads constantly flash in front of your eyeballs. They want to make sure that you don’t just see their ads, but also interact with them in the hopes of searing their brands into your brain. Do these interactive ads actually entertain you? Or are they more trouble than they’re worth.

Peoples’ movements translated into an animated mixed-media mural, for the launch of Adobe’s Creative Suite CS3, 2007

Start a car with a SMS, for Honda in Dublin, 2009

Capture a menu item with your smartphone camera, and get one for free in the nearest McDonald’s, 2010

Text messages in Times Square, New York City, for LG, 2011

How fast is enough to win a marathon?, an Asics experience for the 2011 New York City Marathon

Play Pong, a McDonald’s billboard in Stockholm, Sweden, 2011

One of the most immersive billboards ever: Dunk Tank, in Times Square, New York City, 2012

Interesting facts on Cemusa Bus Shelters in New York City, a Tic Tac campaign in June 2012

A billboard identifies real airplanes passing overhead, British Airways, 2014

Live High Five in Amsterdam, Netherlands and New York City, a KLM campaign, August 2014

A mall surprise, a Mattel Games campaign in Canada, October 2014

MegaFaces, Sochi, Russia, 2014

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