These inside-out horses are both creepy and cool

Horses Inside Out is an organization that educates horse enthusiasts about the anatomy and biomechanics of horses — by painting the innards of the horse on their outsides. These startling and kind of macabre paint jobs give you an inside look at how a horse moves and functions.

Founder Gillian Higgins, a Sports Remedial Therapist, Equine Therapist and anatomist, started giving lectures about horse biomechanics and anatomy, when she realized she kept getting the same questions from her clients about their horses' bodies. So these skeleton, muscle and tendon paintings proved to be an entertaining and memorable way to teach riders and trainers about a horse's anatomy. The education keeps horses safer, and allows handlers to get the best results from training.


Much of the project's success is due to Gillian also being a talented artist and having her primary model being the ever patient Freddie Fox. Gillian gets in on the act herself by sometimes wearing a skeleton suit for demonstrations. The videos and pictures from the demos are educational and cool — if you can get past the occasional flayed horse imagery.

For an added level of coolness watch a clip about Freddie's job in the children's show Animals at Work, voiced over by none other than Torchwood's John Barrowman.

Skeleton painting with some quick vocabulary.


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