There's been a bold new step in non-sexy Halloween costume technology: inflatable costumes you can wear! As you can see from these two upcoming Godzilla outfits from Rubies, the results are impressive to say the least.

So why are they terrifying? Probably because, as Topless Robot has correctly pointed out, in the time you have taken to read this sentence, "inflatable latex anthropomorphic animal costume" has almost certainly become someone's sexual fetish.


On the plus side, the costumes can issue Godzilla's roar for a bit of extra verisimilitude; but back to the negative side, why are the children's sizes of these costumes listed as "STD"? These things look fantastic, but what dark secrets wait inside the inflatable King of the Monsters?!

Still, in all fairness, it must be pointed out that the non-inflatable Godzilla costumes look 100 times creepier.

Yeesh. I am not opening the door for these two. They look like attendees of an Eyes Wide Shut party that went terribly, terribly wrong.


[Via Geekologie]