The photographs from the Molecular Expressions Art in Photomicrography project appear to capture local landscapes and alien worlds, but the photographers can create these images without ever leaving the lab. These "microscapes" are made with vitamin C crystals, aspirin, penicillin, and other ingredients to create the illusion of sunsets and grand mountains.

This project was led by Michael W. Davidson, a scientist with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University, and the site includes a primer on executing your own acts of creative photomicrography. Be sure to check out their huge gallery of images; it's fascinating to compare each scene with its list of components.


Top image: Lover's Leap - Constructed with crystals of sulfur, stretched polyethylene, and the microscope field diaphragm.

Microscapes [Molecular Expressions Art in Photomicrography via Radiolab]

Buddhist Prayer Flags - Constructed with crystals of penicillin, protein, and polyethylene.


Del Ray Beach, Florida - Constructed with crystals of vitamin C, the microscope field diaphragm, and blue filters.


El Paso Del Norte - Constructed with crystals of vitamin C, xanthan liquid crystals, Cibachrome bleach, and filters.


Nuclear Sunrise - Constructed with crystals of vitamin C, hardened epoxy, the microscope field diaphragm, and magenta filters.

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