Long before ASCII appeared on the scene, artists started using typewriters to create inky landscapes, portraits, and other works of art. From 19th-century typographic illustrations to more modern works of graphic art, here is what typewriters are capable of producing beyond the written word.

Butterfly in a frame, typed by Flora Stacey, in the October 15, 1898, edition of Pitman's Phonetic Journal

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Otto von Bismarck, by an unknown artist, c. 1898

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Queen Victoria, by an unknown artist, c. 1900

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Portraits of Hobart Reese, from the 1920s

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George Washington, by Rosaire J. Belanger, a mill worker from Saco, Maine, featured in Popular Science, June 1939

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The American flag, by Menno Fast, 1948, feature in the July 1948 issue of Popular Mechanics

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Looking Forward, by Leslie Nichols, 2010

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Queen Elizabeth II, by Keira Rathbone, 2013

Morgan, by Leslie Nichols

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Lauren with perfumes, by Keira Rathbone

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The largest artwork ever made with a typewriter: portrait of Lata Mangeshkar, a well-known Indian singer

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Works of Paul Smith (1921-2007)

Jack Kerouac, by Álvaro Franca, 2013

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The portrait of Lois Dodd, with Virginia Woolf's 1929 text "A Room of One's Own", a 2013 work by Leslie Nichols

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Michael Jackson, by Keira Rathbone, 2012

Kate Moss, by Keira Rathbone

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The Library in the Woods, by Keira Rathbone, 2012

J. D. Salinger, by Álvaro Franca, 2013

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Louise with necklaces, by Keira Rathbone, 2010

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Barack Obama, by Keira Rathbone, for the cover of Obama Music, written by Bonnie Greer

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Charles Bukowski, by Álvaro Franca, 2013

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Hammersmith Bridge Typiction, by Keira Rathbone, 2013

An old cathedral, by Keira Rathbone

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José Saramago, by Álvaro Franca, 2013

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Barack Obama, by Uday Mahadeo Talwalkar

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Why I Love Hammersmith Bridge in Under 100 Words, by Keira Rathbone, 2009



The images above are from Keira Rathbone's Etsy page, except when noted otherwise.