Sure, they may be made out of of re-purposed bits of scrap metal, but I'm willing to say this Optimus Prime looks way cooler than what we got in Michael Bay's Transformers films.

The gigantic replicas of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee were made by Yu Zhilin and son, Yu Lingyun, two farmers from Hengyang County in China. Using parts from old car engines, the pair have been constructing the giant scrap metal robots in their free time since 2007, with it taking up to three years to construct some of their larger creations. Wowza.


Aside from ominously looming out over their farm, the Yu family sells scrap metal robots to interested clients, or rents the larger robots out for events — and it's certainly a money making endeavor: Yu Zhilin says he's earned around one million yuan (that's around $160,000) this year already just from the robots.

Not bad for some scrap metal, eh?

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