Need an armored vehicle to roll through the hordes of undead but can't get access to a military tank? Take some inspiration from these homemade tanks, with the guns and plating you'll need at the end of the world.

A Megatron tank replica, built by a Chinese designer in 2011



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The Sham II, built on an old car chassis by Syrian rebels in 2012. It has five video cameras, flat screen TVs, a PlayStation controller (controlling the machine gun), a 7.62mm gun and 25-mm thick walls to resist up to 23mm cannon fire.

A 1:1 scale Russian tank replica built by Hao Jinxi and his friends in 7 months from about $125,000. The 20.4-ft (6.2-m) long tank weighs about 10 tons.

This tank with an inch-thick steel plating and a battering ram, used by a Mexican drug gang was found abandoned in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. It could withstand fire from .50-caliber mounted weapons and grenade blasts.


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Vehicles of the Free Syrian Army, February 2013


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A Tiger I replica, built from scratch in Russia


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A fully operational half-size Panzer tank made of plywood, built by a mechanical engineering student named Will Foster. It had a three-cycle diesel engine, and can shoot paintballs and golf balls.

Los Monstruos (or Rhino trucks), built on a three-axel truck bed and a heavily armored cabin, which could withstand grenades and fire from .50-caliber weapons. Two of them were found in a workshop outside Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico. The trucks had "swiveling turrets, snipers' peepholes and gadgets to dump oil and scatter tire-puncturing nails on roadways."

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Other Mexican drug trucks


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An armored bulldozer, designed to destroy barricades and roadblocks, made from concrete and steel, built by Libyan rebels in 2011

It was manned by four gunners with five machine guns, a tank gun, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, several AK47s and a helmet full of hand grenades.


A pickup converted into an armored combat vehicle, near Misrata, Libya, May 2011

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A real tank modeled on the People's Liberation Army's Type 63A light tanks, a gift from Jian Lin, a 31-year old farmer from Mianzhu, China, to his son


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A Syrian rebel sits inside his car in Khaldiyeh, Syria, May 2012


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