Faucets already seem a bit like magic — you turn them on and the water flows right out. But these faucet designs add a bit more pizazz to conventional plumbing technology, letting us better control the flow and temperature of water.

Ripple Faucet, designed by Smith Newnam, 2008. It uses a metal ball on electromagnetic sensors which could detect its movement in order to control temperature and flow.

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Little Twist, designed by Sarang Sheth, which cleans the handle after using.

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Swirl, designed by Simin Qiu. Qiu realized that the flow can be shaped and it also saves up to 15 percent of water. It's also energy saving because temperature has been set in advance, so the electric heater doesn't switches on in vain when cold water needs only.

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The SmartFaucet, with an internal heating reel, designed by iHouse. It has a built-in face recognition system that automatically adjusts the water temperature and pressure to your settings. It connects to the Internet, so can display e-mails, calendar (it remembers important appointments!) and weather reporter while you are using the faucet.

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The Reece Slide Tap, designed by Zeyu Zeng. It allows you to customize the temperature via a touchscreen embedded on top.

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The Cook Faucet, designed by Jae il Bae in 2012. It has some buttons which could help to adjust the right quantity of water.

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Karbon Faucets by Kohler, with moveable joints

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The Play Station-like faucet by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel, 2006

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