These have got to be the creepiest godlike aliens of all time

Why is that benevolent aliens who want to solve all of humanity's problems are so creepy? And obessed with wearing Nehru jackets or tunics? Watch John Ritter meet some aliens whom he wouldn't let date his teenage daughter.

This amazing scene comes from the movie Real Men, in which aliens offer America a choice between the Big Gun and the Good Package. The former is a super-weapon that will make America's military unstoppable, and the latter is the solution to all the world's problems, including a disaster of our own making that will destroy the Earth within five years. The short-sighted military wants the Big Gun, even though we'll all die without the Good Package. I think it's supposed to be a metaphor, but it sort of flies over my head. The payment for the Good Package is a single glass of water, enclosed in a fancy glass that bears the presidential seal.

Here's the scene in which Ritter and his CIA handler, played by genre MVP James Belushi, find the fancy glass with the presidential seal under a dumpster — and then get attacked by evil spy clowns. Yes, James Belushi week continues, whether you want it to or not:

Thanks to Michael for the heads up on this neglected gem!

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Promise, Charlie, that you'll soon follow this Belushi Week up with John Ritter Week. He was in as much genre stuff as Belushi, the difference is that Ritter was awesome.

Watching this only makes me miss John Ritter all over again. ;_;