These Hand-Cut Pop Culture Silhouettes Are Both Classy and Nerdy

House Tyrell by Jordan Monsell, one of four of 350 silhouettes in his new gallery show, Cut it Out 2 at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles

Silhouettes have been a part of art for probably longer than most of us can speculate. Put on a western or period piece and you’re likely to see the family immortalized as a black silhouette on the wall. In recent years, several artists have taken that idea into pop culture and the latest show blending these eras starts this weekend.

It’s Cut It Out 2, the Silhouette Art of Jordan Monsell, and it opens at 7:00 pm, June 24, at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. Monsell will have 350, hand cut silhouettes in the show, as well as contests, live demonstrations and more. You can get more info on the event here but, below, we’ve got several exclusive reveals along with some other pieces.


The House Tyrell piece above and the next few are all exclusive:

The Karate Kid
The Addams Family
Lobster Johnson
Sailor Moon

And here are a bunch of pieces that have previously made it online.

Tina Belcher
Animated Joker
Nick Wilde
Animated Batman
Step Brothers

For more on Cut It Out 2, including when and where to see hundreds more pieces, visit this link.


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