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These Grand Forgotten Craft Could Be The Last Hope Of Humankind

Illustration for article titled These Grand Forgotten Craft Could Be The Last Hope Of Humankind

At least, that's what these people are hoping as they descend from the roof into the long deserted hangar, to find vessels that have been overrun by nature. What are the chances these babies can fly again? This artwork by Emanuel Shiu leaves us wondering.


Above is a brand new piece of artwork by Shiu, not created for any particular project but just for fun. We're stoked to premiere another new image by Shiu, whose work we've featured many times before.

And here's another brand new artwork by Shiu, called "Arch City":

Illustration for article titled These Grand Forgotten Craft Could Be The Last Hope Of Humankind

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After the Big CME hit Earth, about 15 years ago, we lost a lot of knowledge, and technology. Even though it looks like we ought to have more going for us, we are running on 19th century tech. Most of our computers, the ones that could be rebooted and/or repaired are being used to run though the fragments of the internet to restore as much knowledge as possible.

What some researchers in Russian learned was that there were caches of lost tech everywhere. The old Communist regimes had fallen under their own weight and inability to coordinate their usually misinformation and oppression. So the now free citizens had been sending information about these caches to everyone that mattered.

Over in the US, on the south Georgia coast line, overlooking what was once Florida, a group of explorers were sent to find a old air base. It extends over a mile down and should be full of old tech that was not connected to any main systems and shielded from Nuclear EMP and so the CME should not have damaged anything either.

When the first team arrived they were greeted by a grim sight, the grown over and rusty hulks of aerodynes. The thing was the lights still worked, their chem-generators still functioned. But more over trying to break in activated some on-board systems. THE COMPUTERS WORKED.

"THERE BE TECHNOLOGY HERE!" Shouted a corporal in elation. He was a tike when the CME hit and killed his game console. Last thing he every saw on a screen was "Tilby the turtle" taking a cannonball dive into a floor to break through to the other side. He dreamed of getting to fish that game, for 15 years.

But something was not right down there. The sounds of mechanical movement seemed to creep up from everywhere.

"Does this place have robot sentries?" the Lieutenant asked taking grip on his gun.

"I hope not. The last thing we need is to be shot at by our own guns." The older engineer, a civilian uttered.

"...go technology.." the Corporal's elation was deaden cold.