These Ghostbusters Outtakes Are Completely Delightful

We’re ready to believe you!
We’re ready to believe you!
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Anytime you can get a glimpse into the making of a classic film, it’s a special moment. And here you have exactly that, with one of the most famous genre comedies of all time, 1984's Ghostbusters.


The Ghostbusters YouTube channel posted five minutes of outtakes from the memorable Ghostbusters television commercial. You remember the one: “We’re ready to believe you.” And though some fans have surely seen these on various different home releases, it now being online, in full HD glory, makes the whole thing feel brand new.

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and even Annie Potts show up, and you can see and hear them take direction from Ivan Reitman, change their cadence, energy level, and even the name of the movie. Yes, for real. Ghostblasters, anyone? Check it out.

Three things stand out to me here. The first are the alternate titles. That was because, during production, Columbia Pictures still hadn’t cleared the rights to the name Ghostbusters, which was owned by Universal. So that’s fun. Second is the alternate take of the second shot with Annie Potts in it. The joke of her disinterest toward the whole thing makes sense but didn’t really land. And third is simply Dan Aykroyd. The speed and confidence with which he delivers his lines are sensational.


Here’s the final commercial from the movie.

The next Ghostbusters film, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, was supposed to open this summer but is now scheduled for release in March.

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Aykroyd had lots of practice with that cadence: