Sure, you can roll your layers of snowy precipitation into a stack of three balls topped with a top hat—or you can put all that white stuff to a more interesting use. Take your cue from these aliens, robots, and monsters when planning your next snow sculpture.

Attack of the Grumpy Snow Alien

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Passed Out by Tam Carpenter

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The Abominable Snow Alien

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Handy with a Scarf

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A Baltan, Ultraman's most popular foe

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Adipose by Aura3107

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Glowing eyes

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A Snow Gremlin by bschaff89

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The Snow Cthulhu

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Beamos by Billy-008

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A Snowbot

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Jabba The Hutt

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Casual Posing after Workout

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Darth Vader and Yoda, Sapporo Snow Festival, 2005

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Bonus: Lovely Snowmen from the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special, animated by the Great Intelligence

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