These Gaping Mouth Star Wars Snack Bowls Aren't Screaming As Loud As I Am

Image via ThinkGeek
Image via ThinkGeek

Lucasfilm and Disney have ensured there’s no shortage of decor ideas for your next Star Wars-themed soiree. But if you plan to feed your guests, do everyone a favor and skip these Star Wars snack bowls that make it look like you have to snatch pre-chewed treats from the gaping maws of Jabba, Chewbacca, and a Wampa.

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Available from ThinkGeek for $17 each, the ceramic bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe, but that’s a moot point because who could stomach using and dirtying these in the first place?


Imagine trying to eat your morning oatmeal straight out of Chewie’s mid-chew mouth? And salsa would look more like something Jabba regurgitated than a tasty chip dip. So I guess we now know where the Star Wars merchandise line has finally been drawn.

[ThinkGeek via That’s Nerdalicious]

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