It can be hard to notice incremental changes in people when we see them every day, but what if you saw all those little changes played on fast forward? These people took photos of themselves at regular intervals (often every day) in order to highlight how they change, age, and grow over time.

The 40-year photo booth project by Tom Sewell, 1961-2001

RIP Dan Wrinkle (1991-2012), and Time of my Life (1991-2007), a 21- and a 16-year photo-a-day project by Dan Hanna, shot from various angles

Living My Life Faster, a 16-year projects by JK Keller, 1998-2014

Portrait of Lotte, a 14-year project by Frans Hofmeester, showing the artist’s daughter from the week she was born

A (still going) project by Noah Kalina, January 2000-June 2012

Jump Man, by Michael Lugo, August 2007-May 2014

5 Years: Photo Every Day, by Rebecca Brown between 2006 and 2011. Rebecca fights with with depression and Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder)

The Longest Way, walking through China in a year, without a haircut or trimming beard