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The six-word science fiction stories you wrote for us this time around covered some very dark worlds, ranging from the most perfect supernatural Craigslist ad on the internet to aliens whose darkest fear is being found by us. Here are just some of our favorites:


Room for rent, cheap. NOT HAUNTED. — Long Lost Albatross, in what would surely be the Greatest Roommate Wanted Ad Ever

Siri, call home. "There's no home." — Petehammer

They ate dreams. Only insomniacs survived. — x84jdh, giving you something to think about when you try to fall asleep tonight.


"JUST SIX WORDS?" Replied the computer... — Carlos_Ramirez

Voyager 1 returned, broadcasting "No thanks" — RI_arch, on the possibility of interstellar rejection

Time Travelers Anonymous. Meeting pushed back. — Thayder, addressing some of the scheduling concerns that multiple time machines create.

'Systems normal,' the computer repeated, lying. — dyinginback

Dinosaurs are hide and seek experts. — Phos, with a story that could either be cute, terrifying, or both.


"Google's been retrieved. It knows everything." — elgordo47

Image: artist's conception of Voyager nearing the edge of the solar system / NASA


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