Space is a pretty fascinating place, but what makes it even more exciting is that in fiction, it offers unlimited possibilities. Want to imagine a planet that’s only sand? Sure. A planet that’s all water? Okay. A planet populated by giant talking robots? That works, too.

That infinite concept is on full display in a new art show called “Postcards from Space,” presented by the iam8bit Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. They tasked over 40 artists to make postcards from their favorite imaginary space planets, and the results are as fun as you’d think. You can look at the full collection here, but these are some highlights.

Ryan Brinkerhoff


Gabriel Bautista

Cory Schmitz


Austin James

Jose Emroca Flores


Marco D’Alfonso

Drew Wise


Bwana Spoons

Marko Manev

What’s more, artist Edison Yan took all of those locations and made them into these giant maps.


All of these are not only on sale at iam8bit, but on display in their gallery. There are also a bunch more. Click here for the required information.


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