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These Fan-Made Suicide Squad Trailers Are So, So Good

Illustration for article titled These Fan-Made iSuicide Squad/i Trailers Are So, So Good

Last year, YouTuber solyentbrak1 gave us a fake Batman/Superman trailer so outstanding, it actually convinced us Ben Affleck could pull off playing Batman. Now, solyentbrak1 is back with a fan-made trailer for Suicide Squad, and dammit if it's not giving us chills again.


Pretty great, right? Are you pumped? We're pumped, too. But we're just getting started. Check out this version, by YouTuber WhiplashDynamo:

In all honesty, you could play The Chemical Brothers over an infomercial for laundry detergent and it would probably set my heart racing (the song in Whiplash Dynamo's trailer is "Container Park," off the soundtrack from Hanna), but combining it with such great video editing really brings it home.



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Are people more excited over The Suicide Squad movie than the Superman vs. Batman movie? Because that's the impression the internet is giving me.