There's been almost no news about the new Sailor Moon anime coming out this winter, so renowned fan artist Makacon took it upon himself to bring the Sailor Scouts and their extended cast into the 21st century. The results are, frankly, astounding.

Here's the full cast:


It's amazing how subtle the visual changes are between these and the original designs, but how much of a difference they make. Sailor Moon looks new and modern, while still wearing the exact same thing she did in the '90s. And here they are in their civilian guises below, but in both younger and older incarnations:

Wow, those older versions are fantastic. I know Sailor Moon is as for kids as Dragonball Z ever was, but damn if I wouldn't love to see an anime where the Sailor Scouts were older, wiser, and faced more dangerous threats. However, I am completely okay with Toei not including the viewing preferences of a 30-something white male American when relaunching their flagship shojo anime.


Honestly, I think Toei is probably going to use something a lot like these the top designs in the new anime, or else something needlessly overdesigned to make Sailor Moon seem "hip" and "cool" to today's kids. I sincerely hope it's the former, because these things are great. You can check out more and larger shots over at Makacon's (entirely in Japanese) website!

[Via Crunchy Roll]


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