These buildings come from an alternate universe, one where architecture isn't bound by the rules of gravity—or perhaps even taste. Some of these concept buildings are pretty neat, but we get vertigo just looking at others.

Works of Victor Enrich

(via Weburbanist and Victor Enrich)

Fictional Buildings by Xavier Delory

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Works of Filip Dujardin

(via The Superslice and Filip Dujardin/Facebook)

Anarchitecture by Olivier Ratsi

(via Olivier Ratsi/WYSI*not*WYG)

Surreal nightmares of Jim Kazanjian

(via Jim Kazanjian)

The steel Taiwan Tower with a floating forest 1000 ft (304 m) above the city, surrounded by parks, designed by Tokyo-based architect Sou Fujimoto, 2011

(via Gizmodo and Archdaily)

Floating Buildings by Laurent Chéhère

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Architectural Nightmares by Frank Kunert

(via Gizmodo and Frank Kunert)