The Royal Observatory in Greenwich has released its final set of images for this year's Astronomy's Photographer of the Year contest. Ranging from star trails and dust clouds to auroras and meteor streaks, this year's best photos are guaranteed to instill a sense of wonder.

Top image: Justin Ng. A bright meteor streaks across the night sky over Mount Bromo, an active volcano in Indonesia.


The winners will be announced on September 17, 2014. The overall winner will receive $2,500, while winners of each of the different sub-categories will receive $850. All winning images will appear at a subsequent exhibition at the Royal Observatory. Here are some of our favorite submissions.

All images Royal Observatory Greenwich via the dedicated Flickr account. Individual photographers are credited below each photograph.

Father and son observing Comet Pan-Starrs in Massachusetts

Credit: Chris Cook

An aurora from a plane

Credit: Paul Williams

The Moon and Jupiter

Credit: Sebastian Guillermaz

The Rho Ophiuchi multiple star system

Credit: Rolf Wahl Olsen

An aurora over Steinsvik beach in Norway

Credit: Tommy Richardson

Old Faithful erupts as the Moon partially eclipses the Sun

Credit: Robert Howell

Cassiopeia, the Heart Nebula

Credit: Ivan Eder

An aurora as seen from a lava cave in Iceland

Credit: Ingolfur Bjarmundsson

Northern Lights over Troms, Norway

Credit: Claus Possberg

Star trails over Mar de Ajo beach in Argentina

Credit: Sebastian Guillermaz

A coronal mass ejection lights up the sky in Norway

Credit: Ole Christian Salomonsen

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