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These Dancers Put on a Surreal Superhero Light Show

Heckuva dance show.
Heckuva dance show.
Image: NBC

I don’t watch America’s Got Talent, but maybe I should, just so I can better parse things like this. Because, uh, wow. This is… something else.


Half light show, half dance extravaganza, the most recent performance by the Light Balance Kids on the show is absolutely entrancing. Using clever lighting effects, the dancers appear as a variety of superheroes moving on and off the stage, interacting with scenery, and just generally dancing their hearts out. It’s dazzling and cute and a bit confusing.

LIke, why superheroes? And why are there so many Iron Men? Does Iron Man just have backup dancer written all over him? I’m also confused about whether or not there’s supposed to be, like, a plot, or if I’m just supposed to enjoy the moves. Like, I could totally see a high dance superhero psychodrama playing out in this format. Give us an Endgame adaptation, Light Balance Kids. It’d be a showstopper.


There’s more of this, as it seems the Light Balance Kids love dancing, dressing up as superheroes, and the various spectrums of visible light. Who among us doesn’t? 

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It seems like that was approximately 5% dancing and 95% lightshow.

In fact, couldn’t they have animated via the LEDs what little dancing they actually did?

Cool effect, though.