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Game of Thrones and Lego seem to be a perfect match— well, except for the whole murder and mayhem thing, which isn’t exactly part of Lego’s M.O. Now, in addition to all the great Lego builds for Game of Thrones over the past several years, we’ve got some new awesome figures.

Custom Lego portrait shop Two Three Bricks has launched an Instagram series called #BricksCountdownGoT, which features customized versions of some of Game of Thrones’ most iconic characters. So far, co-founders Harris Lim and Stephanie Ng have debuted four portraits and are working on several more, mostly sticking with characters who haven’t, you know, pulled a Ned Stark yet. However, they’re also working on a Hodor figure, which Lim said is hard to do without crying.


“We’ve learned not to invest ourselves too much into any characters, just in case they’re dead by the end of the episode,” Lim told me.

According to Lim, the hardest one so far has been Daenerys— mainly because they don’t have pieces to build her a giant dragon. So, they settled for a velociraptor. You can check out her Lego figure below, along with all the others in the series so far (including a few that Two Three Bricks hasn’t released yet). Game of Thrones returns July 16.

Later-series Tyrion, wine in hand, ready to serve the Queen.
(Early preview) Arya getting ready to stabby stab.
Sansa looks awful worried for being (arguably) the smartest person in Westeros.
(Early preview) On the other “hand,” here’s Jaime looking a little too cocky for his own good.
Why settle for a dragon when you can have a dinosaur?
Man, the snow is not kind to Jon Snow’s hair.

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