VW commissioned this very strange drunk-driving PSA from Costa Rican art director Fabio Obando, which shows even superheroes can get in accidents if they drive drunk. Obviously Superman is above, and there are a couple others after the jump. They're super creepy... if only because they make no sense at all.

Even if Superman did get drunk — which he wouldn't, because he's Superman — and then drove in a car — which he wouldn't, because he can fly — he's Superman. He can take punches from gods; I'm pretty sure he can handle going through a car windshield. He probably didn't even notice.


And yes, the inhabitant of the other car could be in serious trouble, but given the fact its Superman, I think we have to give the Man of Steel the benefit of the doubt and see if maybe the other driver is a supervillain or something. Maybe it's Lex Luthor in there, and the only way Superman could stop him from destroying Metropolis was to drive drunk and ram into him. Sure, it sounds unlikely, but it's Superman we're talking about — him driving drunk for no reason is even more unlikely.

The other two are even more bizarre...

Oh no! Wolverine has hit a massive truck, which hasn't been damaged in the least! Now he'll... be mildly sore while his advanced healing powers completely restore him. Actually, Wolverine's regeneration abilities make it really difficult for him to ever get drunk — he metabolizes the alcohol too fast — so this is more likely the result of Emma Frost or some other X-villain messing with Logan's mind. Either way, in about five minutes his BAC will be reading 0.0%, I guarantee.


Oh no! The Hulk has flipped his car! He's... actually, he's indestructible. And he doesn't appear to have hit anybody, so basically he must just still be drunk, and is sleeping it off on the road. I guess you could complain that he wrecked a car, but it's the Hulk; he destroys two dozen cars before he eats breakfast in the morning. I guess the lesson is you shouldn't drink and drive, because you might crash into the Hulk while he's passed out drunk in the middle of the road and piss him off. Then you're really fucked.

[Via Geekologie]


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