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These Clips From Natalie Dormer's New Horror Film Are Crawling With Maggots

January is generally a pretty quiet time for movie releases, but one that’s definitely got our attention is The Forest, the supernatural thriller starring Natalie Dormer and produced by David Goyer. Four new clips just came online that are legitimately creepy.


The highlight has to be the one called “Maggots” (above), for obvious reasons. But the three other clips all have very off-putting content too, teasing a movie that can hopefully join the usually empty void of new and exciting genre films.

The Forest stars Dormer (Game of Thrones) as a young woman who travels to a real life place called “the Suicide Forest” to find her sister, who has gone missing. From there, shit goes down. Jason Zada directs and it opens January 8.


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I’m slightly annoyed they are using this real place where people are killing themselves as a prop in a horror movie but it does look creepy as fuck. I was just waiting for someone to be outraged over it... though if you had a family member who did kill themselves there I think you would be entitled to that.

But then again I’m also annoyed that Michael Bay is already doing a Benghazi movie... I’m sure that will be handled with care and finesse.