These Children Ask Tom Holland Some Intense Questions About Spider-Man and His Career

Tom Holland as Spider-Man.
Tom Holland as Spider-Man.
Image: Marvel Studios

Children, due to our perceiving them as innocent, can get away with some things adults can’t. They can be curious, for instance, in ways that would be perceived as rude or downright offensive if us grownups tried it. Which makes them fantastic celebrity interviewers.


That’s the premise behind BBC Radio 1’s series of “Kids Ask” interviews, where children ask their own questions of various celebrities. Recently, the BBC had Tom Holland on the program, where a series of children ask Tom a whole litany of goofy and invasive questions about his career, Spider-Man, and his former Marvel co-star Robert Downey, Jr. It’s extremely precious.

Some of these are pretty great questions, too! Like, just how much stuff as Tom Holland stolen from his movie sets? And, does Spider-Man ever get webbing stuck in his teeth while trying to brush?

Now, I’m not suggesting we hire children to be investigative journalists or anything, but this is at least an argument for bringing one along to interviews to precociously ask the questions you can’t get away with. Especially if your subject is as good a sport as Tom Holland.

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