It's the ultimate form of recycling — just build your house out of old ocean vessels and ships. Here are some of the most incredible ways that people have turned boats into buildings, and vice versa.

Benson Ford Shiphouse, South Bass Island, Lake Erie, Ohio

The ship was built and launched in 1924 for the Ford Motor Company to transport iron ore and other materials across the Great Lakes. It was decommissioned in December 1981, and sold to Frank J. Sullivan. Five years later the forward structure of the ship was removed and it's been used as a 7,000 square foot (650 sqm) four-story summer home since then.

Some of the rooms were designed by Henry Ford himself.

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Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 Ost, a centre in Bremerhaven, Germany

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Coca-Cola Building, Los Angeles, California

Designed by Robert V. Derrah as a Streamline Moderne building and built in 1939.

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Boat Sheds, Lindisfarne, UK

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Safety First Shiphaus, Batuan, Bohol, Philippines

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Ministry of Defense building in Abuja, Nigeria

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The House of Five Continents, Antwerpen, Belgium

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Henriette-Bathily Women's Musum, Gorée, Senegal

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A house in Fernandina Beach, Florida

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The S.S Encinitas and the S.S Moon Light, Encinitas, California

These boat replicas were built by a retired engineer named Miles Kellogg in 1928. These are not working ships, and were built from scrap materials from a demolished bathhouse at Moonlight Beach originally built in 1916.

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A Ship House between Fier and Berat in Albania

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A villa in Marseille, France

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A Ship House in Derrynane Beach, Ireland

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Somewhere in Croatia

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A Ship Restaurant, Chengdu, China

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Captain's Lodge, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Aquatic Park Bathhouse Building (now the San Francisco Maritime Museum), San Francisco, California

The Streamline Moderne styled building was constructed in 1939.

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Lake Huron Ship House

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Two more buildings in various places

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