Get ready to have your mind blown. Photographer Jeff Attaway suspended a bridge camera from a kite line, and managed to capture a series of breathtaking photos of Dakar, Senegal from the air. Here's a view of this beautiful city from a vantage point that few have seen.

All photos via Jeff Attaway/Flickr

The African Renaissance Monument in the Ouakam suburb of Dakar. It's a 160 ft (49 m) statue designed by Pierre Goudiaby, built between 2006 and 2010 by a North Korean company named Mansudae Overseas Projects.

Mosque of Divinity, built by Mohamed Gorgui, a holy man, who received an order from the Lord in 1973 to build it.

Living in a gun turret

Roofs of Dakar


Boats parked at the Soumbedioune fish market on Sunday

Boats parking in front of the Mosque of Divinity

Floor plan

Green water and rocks

Total recycling: Cows eat trash, we eat cows


Defense de Baiser

Surfing from above

Lake Retba (also known as Lac Rose), painted by a bacteria named Dunaliella salina

Bonus: Here's a look at Attaway's gear…