These Artists Painted People's Pets As Game Of Thrones Characters

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Does your cat remind you of Daenerys Targaryen? Is your dog more of a Jon Snow or a Tyrion Lannister? The pet portraiture artists at Spendid Beast have done a series of paintings that place household into Game of Thrones — and best of all, they take commissions.


It’s especially fun to see the pets next to their portraits. Be sure to click through the entire album, because they’ve saved the funniest painting for last. And if you’d like a pet portrait of your own (even one that isn’t Game of Thrones-themed), head over to the Splendid Beast website. They have some fun templates and do all sorts of custom pet portraits as well.


[via r/gameofthrones]

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By the old gods and the new, this is gauche, terrible. I approve.