These aren't Man of Steel's opening credits, but they should be

Let me make it abundantly clear this is not a leaked version of the opening title sequence to Man of Steel. It's a fantastic fan-made creation by a production company called Will & Tale, but it's almost certainly better than whatever we'll get in the actual movie.

Admittedly, I'm biased here because I'm sick to death of seeing Superman's origin on-screen, and this video sums up everything anyone would possibility need to know about Superman wonderfully and eloquently, and in less than 100 seconds. So for those four people who have somehow never experienced pop culture at any point over the last 80 or so years and somehow missed hearing what Superman's deal is, they'd be perfectly caught up, while the rest of us wouldn't have to sit through the shit we already know for the umpteenth time. I KNOW HE GROWS UP ON A FUCKING FARM. I DON'T NEED TO WATCH HIM DOING FIVE MINUTES OF SUPER-POWERED YARDWORK TO REMEMBER HIS HUMBLE ORIGINS GODAMMIT.


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