No animal deserves a monument more than a dinosaur. That's why some of the weirdest, biggest, and most awesome (in the original sense of the word) statues in the world are devoted to these extinct beasts. Here are some of the most mind-boggling.

Kissing dinosaurs, Erenhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

In the border town between Mongolia and China there are two Brontosauruses are kissing above the highway. You can see more of the weirdest Chinese monuments here.

This isn't the only dinosaur statue in Erenhot: they have 48 of them!

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Dinosaurs, somewhere in Oregon

Lystrosaurus, the "swamp lizard" — actually a therapsid, not a dinosaur.

Psittacosaurus, the giraffe-parrot lizard

Dimetrodon — a synapsid who lived millions of years before the dinosaurs.

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A homemade T-Rex statue in Tonawanda, New York

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A stainless steel origami style dinosaur, by Mark Jalland in Radcliffe, UK

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A 15 ft (4.5 m) high Metallosaurus in Slocan, British Columbia, Canada

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Near Interstate 15 in the vicinity of Victorville, California

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Chrome Tricerotops in Dallas, Texas

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A Pachycephalosaurus in Québec, Canada

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A Man-eating monster in Israel

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Metalosaurus in Mannheim, Germany

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Somewhere in Canada

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Colorful ones in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

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Near Duluth, Minnesota

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A statue at Millenium Park, Chicago, Illinois

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A Duckface Trachodon at Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, Illinois

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At Traders World in Monroe, Ohio

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Topiary dinosaurs in Santa Monica, California

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A roadside attraction in Arizona

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The Glendisaurus near Highway 16, north of Glendive, Montana

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The statues of Lituo Landscape Science & Technology Co.

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The Huntsville Dinosaur, made from polyfoam and wire, created by Leo Cate

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A big green dinosaur and a metallic skeleton, Bedrock City, Arizona

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The Triceracopter

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Near I-40 in New Mexico

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A Stegosaurus, outside the Visitor Center at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah, United States

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A life-size T-Rex with a jersey of soccer team Eintracht Frankfurt, front of the Senckenberg Natural Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, 2013 and a Brontosaurus with a Jonathan Toews (Chicago Blackhawks) jersey, outside of the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, 2009

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