A lightbulb is a pretty basic object — a glass enclosure with vacuum or gas, and a bright filament, inside. But some creative inventors have come up with lightbulbs that aren't just home fixtures — they're works of art. Let's shed some light on the most unusual lightbulbs ever created.

Diamond Lights, by Eric Therner

via Eric Therner

Light blubs, by Pieke Bergmans

via Pieke Bergmans

Plumen, by Hulger

via Woont

Polaris and Vienna, by Frederic Gooris

via MocoLoco

Melting away, a LED bulb by Keita Ogawa

via Yanko Design

Alessi U2Mi2, designed by Frederic Gooris

via Pargy

The brain-like Insight, by Solovyov Design (Maria and Igor Solovyov)

via Solovyov Design

Mickey Mouse Bulb Concept, by Hongkue Lee

via Yanko Design

Pear Light, by Nick Foley

via Coroflot

Tribulb, by Shinya Yoshida


via Yanko Design