These Are The Satellites Watching Us From Above The Earth

Satellite data can reveal a host of very small data points from very far away. But just how do they get such a detailed view? Through a mix of all kinds of different satellites, all moving in concert around the Earth, and keeping a close eye on it. Here they are in action.


NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio put together this latest view of all the different satellites they have up there. It's an interesting perspective flip on the satellites above us that send back all sorts of data, everything from images of how our cities light up at night to how much moisture there is in soils around the world.

So just what's exactly up there? Check them out in motion in the video above and then look through this list of all the satellites keeping an eye on us and our surroundings:


[via Wired]

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You know for as shitty a movie as Johnny Mnemonic was I feel like we might be approaching something where like in the movie some diseases can be blamed on our technology and the constant wash of signals and transmissions. Cell Phones, Satellites, GPS, Wifi, etc. Could help explain our cancer rates? Or not. If you ever want to get paranoid about radiation from satellites look at the Satellite Arc for North America. Then look at their footprints (or the places in which their radiation is high enough for you to see the signal they are putting out. Most of the old timers in the sat field I deal with are bald and make jokes about all the radiation doing it to them... but man sometimes I'm not sure how much a joke it is.